About C2 Skin Care

C2 Skin Care, Inc. was founded in 2016 by two women - a Pharmacy Doctor and a NASA Engineer - who care about what we are putting on our skin and in the environment.  C2 Skin Care is a privately-held manufacturer & distributor of C2 California Clean® Health & Beauty products.

We continuously create some of the cleanest, most innovative, scientifically advanced and effective plant-based, bio-active products available for skin and body care.

Our rigorous product development and clinical partnerships with leading universities and pharmacists (scientists) have generated many revolutionary rejuvenation products, including our #1 selling face oils and award-winning serums.


C2 California Clean® products are free from ingredients made from Animal Testing, Parabens, Phythalates, Artificial Fragrance, Petrochemicals, and Phenols plus over 5,000 other potentially harmful toxic ingredients.