The Best Makeup Trends for This Fall Season

November 02, 2018

The Best Makeup Trends for This Fall Season

Fall is only a week away, which means new trends are on the rise! Here are the top makeup trends for this upcoming season:

Two-Tone Lips

A popular runway look this season is a darker bottom lip and a slightly lighter top lip.

Smudged Liner

90’s styles are making a comeback, and the grunge look, which features smudged eyeliner, is one of them!

Chilly Cheeks

Another trend for this fall is looking like you’ve been outside in the cold for awhile. So, rosy, red or pink cheeks are a must!

All Mauve

Mauve looks great with almost any skin tone and is less dramatic than other bold, fall colors. Because of this, wearing mauve on your eyes, cheeks, and lips is one of the latest trends!

Bold Bottom Lashes

Long, bold, bottom lashes are huge this fall! Make sure to get a waterproof mascara so that it doesn’t ruin the rest of your look throughout the day.

Dewy Skin

Matte foundation has been in for a while, but this season, dewy looks are taking over! Choose luminous highlighters and non-matte foundations in order to achieve this beautiful, natural look!

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