Transitioning Your Skincare Routine From Winter to Spring

We are exactly one month away from spring, which means it’s time to start thinking about changing up your skincare routine for the spring season. Here are our best tips for a smooth and easy transition that will leave your skin feeling amazing!

Change Up Your Moisturizer

During the winter, thick and creamy moisturizers are the best choice due to the cold, dry air. In the spring, switching to a lighter moisturizer is a good idea. Our Dry Oil Emulsion or Ultra Replenishing Squalane Oil + Vit E are great choices, and will leave your skin feeling hydrated without the heaviness of a cream moisturizer.

Add More SPF

You should always wear SPF on your face, but it’s extra important in the Spring and Summer. Come March, it’s time to up the amount of SPF you use to protect your skin from sun damage and wrinkles!

Get Rid of That Dry, Winter Skin

Just because your skin is a little bit drier doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exfoliate. Use a gentle exfoliator to brush away that dry, dead skin and get it ready for the new season!

Spring Clean

Not just your house or your wardrobe, but your makeup bag and skincare products as well! Get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past two or three months, or any products you’ve shared with others, to ensure you are not putting built up bacteria on your skin. Then, replace your old products with new, fresh ones instead!

Having overly sensitive skin, C2 California Clean is an absolute game changer.

My skin has never felt or looked better. Finally, I have that glowing, dewy look I've always wanted.

The Hydrating Primer is now the leading lady in my beauty regime. Bye-bye dry skin, hello supple, hydrated and luxe skin. 

- Laci Leigh, Chief Of Staff AXA Advisors