Giving Yourself Daily Facials Is A Must – Here’s Why!!

Not only do facials feel great, but they have amazing benefits for your skin too! Here are five of the best reasons to give yourself a daily facial:

Boosts Circulation

Massages boost circulation, and circulation makes your skin glow!

Relieves Stress

Giving yourself a facial after a long day can help calm your nerves and make you relax. As we know, stress is bad for your skin, so by reducing stress you will help your skin fight aging and breakouts.

Can Reduce Puffiness

If you massage the pressure points on your face for 20-30 seconds at a time, you can encourage lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness and inflammation.

Helps With Product Absorption

The effects of any product you use just before a facial massage or during a facial massage will be enhanced.

Can Improve Muscle Tone

Facials are workouts for your skin because they stimulate the facial muscles.

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- Laci Leigh, Chief Of Staff AXA Advisors