Be Young and Fabulous in Your 50s: Makeup

October 21, 2017

Be Young and Fabulous in Your 50s: Makeup

Aging skin can make it more difficult to wear makeup, but don’t let that stop you! Just because you’re no longer in your 20s doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing makeup or staying up to date on the latest trends! You can still dress up, go out, and feel your best! Just choose your products carefully and follow these tips.

Moisturizer – Primer – Foundation

This is the perfect routine for women over 40! Moisture is the most important thing for aging skin and adding a primer to your routine will help make skin look smoother immediately. Finishing your look with a medium to full coverage liquid foundation will give you an amazing complexion.

Stay Away from Powders 

Powders will cling to and bring attention to wrinkles, so make sure you steer clear of powdered blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, and foundation.

Don’t Forget Your Brows

Making sure your brows are shaped and filled in will take years off! However, don’t over shape and make them look too arched or unnatural.

Blend Eyeshadow and Avoid Glitter

Cakey makeup = looking older. In order to stop makeup from looking cakey, you have to make sure you blend – especially your eyeshadow! Also, too much glitter will actually age you, so only use subtle hints of shimmer.

Beware of Bold Lip and Eye Liners 

Stick with soft pinks or neutral lip liners and opt for brown, purple, or blue eye liners. Black liners can be harsh and more natural looks actually make women who are 40+ look younger. Also, be sure to keep lips moist to ensure smooth application of lipstick. Try our C2 Lip Conditioners for a safe and effective option.

Yes, Contour!!

Again, don’t be afraid of current trends! Contouring can help your face look slimmer and years younger!! Use a cream bronzer to accent your cheekbones, jawline, and nose.

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