5 Tips For a Healthy Holiday Season

It's no secret, the holidays make it hard to stick to healthy diets and routines. To help you fight off unwanted pounds and unhealthy habits, here are 5 of our best tips for staying healthy this season!

1) Be Prepared 

If you know what time your holiday party is and what's on the menu, this can help you prepare for the day beforehand. If you know you won't be eating until the evening, don't starve yourself during the day - this will make you overeat when the time comes. Instead, eat smaller, healthy meals throughout the day, and then go to dinner with a normal appetite. Also, ask if you can bring a healthy dish along with you so you know there will be something healthy that you like on the menu. Lastly, if you want to indulge in a sweet treat, cut back on breads, potatoes, and other high-carb foods during dinner. This will help you stay balanced. 

2) Get Moving

Take advantage of your days off of work and your time with loved ones by being more active than you are used to. Whether it's going on a walk with friends, running holiday 5Ks, or playing games that force you to be on your feet, any extra activity you get can help you burn those holiday calories. 

3) Stay Rested

This can be hard during the holiday season with all of the parties and fun events going on, but it's extremely important for your overall health to be sure you are still getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night. This will help prevent you from gaining unwanted weight and will help your mental wellbeing as well. 

4) Make Time For You and Your Mental Health

Don't say "yes" to every party you're invited if you need a night to yourself, don't hang out with people who make you feel overwhelmed or under-appreciated, and don't put yourself into debt trying to prove to people how much you love them. It can be hard, especially when it's family, but you have to make sure you take care of yourself - especially because the holiday season is one of the worst seasons for depression and anxiety.

5) Watch Our for Buffets

Holiday parties normally allow you to eat as much as you want, which is not a great thing when you're on a diet or watching what you eat. Get one plate and be sure to fill it up with the healthiest options first, leaving only a small amount of space for the unhealthy foods. Also, try and limit alcohol and sugary drinks. Sticking with water is your best bet!

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